You Are Sick of Feeling Like Roommates

Let's work together to get out of the roommate zone!

You are in survival mode everyday...

It feels like you need to just get through the day.

For what?

To do it all over again the next day?

Let's work together to change that!

When sex feels like another item on the to-do list...

Let's work together to get back that spark and excitement to connect physically, too.

When it feels hard to be vulnerable...

I can help with that!

Because Great Relationships and Marriages Take Effort

Roommate Zone! Feeling like you and your partner are in the Roommate Zone? The connection is lost. We don’t have time for each other, and it is taking a toll on our everyday interactions. We are now more irritable with each other and are blaming each other for not getting enough done when there is always more to do! Ugh! And around and around we go….

I often feel like I am not a priority in my partner’s life. Like I am here taking care of so many things while my partner is over there doing, well, I’m not even sure what they are doing. We are so exhausted at night after working and then taking care of the kiddos that there is no energy left for me or my partner. We might veg-out on the couch together but that doesn’t feel like connecting. I feel lonely. I feel like each day is about survival to get to the next day to do it alone, all over again.

Sound familiar? Wanting to break that cycle and get back to a loving and supportive relationship? I get it! I am a trained couples and relationship therapist in St. Louis, MO, excited to guide you back to a place of love, acceptance and understanding. Our work together will get vulnerable toward a deeper connection. We will focus on how to have healthy conflict and how to model that for your children.

Let’s bring your relationship back from the Roommate Zone to Lover Zone!

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Couples Therapy in St. Louis

St. Louis has a lot to offer by way of things to do. Except when you are too busy or feeling so disconnected from your partner you don’t have the time or energy to make it happen. I get it, you and your partner used to be fun. You used to go out a lot and flirt with each other. Now it feels like a lot of that is lost. You are looking for that relationship where you are happy to come home from work and walk through that door. A relationship where you are still giddy at text messages offering some time in the sack.

I show up to work with my clients in-person or online as they gain back that connection and that want to go out and do things together again!

Reach out today and we’ll work together to get you back on track in your relationship.

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About Katheryn Barton

Our personal relationships are such an integral part of our existence and our happiness. When we are feeling disconnected with those most important to us it impacts so much more in our lives. I have a passion for looking at relationships and figuring out where the partners are missing each other. I am a couples and marriage counselor with your best interests in mind.

Working with couples to reignite their spark and finding that safe place with each other is my jam 🙂 If you are wanting to work with someone who will be supportive but also call you out on your bullsh**, we might just be the perfect fit.

I look at communication tools and go deeper into that emotional connection to help my couples feel understood and truly seen within their relationship. If you are feeling like things have changed somewhere along the way reach out to me and we’ll explore it together. I know what it’s like to build a life with your best friend and at times feel lost because the connection and safety have gotten muddled or lost.

I am here to help. Click the link below to start the intake process. I look forward to working together!





“Your life does not get better by chance it gets better by choice.”

-Jim Rohn