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    Who am I?


    I’m Katheryn Barton. Some of my favorite things in this world include, keeping busy. I am always on the lookout for the next thing I can learn and jump into. I am a sucker for workshops and reading or listening to (audiobook) the next book for my book club. I love traveling, trying new foods and seeing what level of spicy I can make my Thai food without hating myself 😉 Live music and living-room dance parties with my daughter keep me young and my mom-moves up-to-par. My favorite things include laughing with my mom, even if it is mostly to America’s Funniest Home Videos. In the fall, exploring any vast pumpkin patch for the perfect jack-o-lantern. Listening to the chorus of a family singing happy birthday to the lucky person that month. The little bit of icing on the bottom of the candle that feels like a special, sneaky-treat. And of course, a thick Ted Drewes concrete on a hot summer day, trying to finish it before it turns into ice-cream soup.

    My background consists of altogether a few years living and traveling abroad where I learned how to order a beer and say cheers in many languages. I went to school over many years and earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas. THEN I went back for my associate degree to become a sign language interpreter. Since that wasn’t enough for me, I went back to school again while working full-time with Special School District to earn my master’s degree. All of this has brought me here, where I am finally ready and excited to help my clients learn healthy communication tools and strategies. 

    Gottman Trainings

    Emotion Focused Therapy Trainings

    Suicide Prevention Trainings

    Grief Trainings

    Mediation Training

    Licensed Professional Counselor #2018028495

    Sign Language Interpreter since 2010

    Goals as a Therapist

    To hold my couples in a safe place as we discuss where they get stuck. I work with you as you learn how to do that with and for your partner. Discover how to be the safe and supportive place for each other that you need to grow as individuals and together as a partnership and team. As you come across challenges in your life and your relationship you will learn how to reach for your partner for support. Also, how to make these challenges work in your favor as a couple to grow a deeper bond with one another. We will explore questions you haven’t asked yourself. We will work on truly listening in order to navigate emotions that can cause blocks within the relationship.

    Here for you.

    When they first come in my couples ask me if what they are experiencing is “normal.” “Do other couples experience this too?” Most of the time my answer is yes this is common among many couples. The themes are often the same even if they manifest in different ways.

    They want to have the same relationship they had when they first started dating and things were “easier” or things were “fresh and exciting” as they got to know each other.

    They also want to better be able to communicate their true feelings with their partner without the fear of rejection and having to be defensive.

    The lack of communication tools my clients have when talking with each other gets in the way of how they want to live their life with their partner. They find that they are also not being the kind of partner they want to be for their loved one.

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