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    My Approaches: EFT and Communication Tools

    If you are looking for a laid-back, neutral, supportive yet “I’ll call you on your bullsh*t” approach, we might just be the perfect fit. 🙂

    Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)

    Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)

    My work with couples is geared toward both partners feeling seen heard and understood. I will provide neutral support and understanding within each session. Our goals in therapy are to come home with a better understanding of ourselves, our emotions and also that of our partner.

    Using Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) techniques and strategies we will dig deeper into your and your partner's vulnerabilities and explore where communication is breaking down. We will learn and practice a better understanding of our emotions and the purpose they play in our lives and how we interpret the world.

    EFT helps couples and individuals to:

    -Become more aware of their emotions

    -Understand emotions and their purpose

    -Welcome, allow and regulate emotions

    -Describe emotions clearly and in detail

    -Identify the source of their emotions

    -Learn how to talk with their partner about their most vulnerable parts

    -See the importance of emotions

    -Use this knowledge for a more sincere connection

    Unlike other therapeutic approaches, EFT assumes that emotion can be a source of healing. I work with my couples to find that healing within their relationship and for their partner to be their safe space.

    If you are seeking help finding your way to that deeper and more supportive connection with your partner, I encourage you to contact me today. Together, we’ll work on increasing awareness of emotions, separating useful from hurtful emotions and using healthy emotions to guide action.

    Contact me today. I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help.

    Communication Tools

    Communication Tools

    Getting stuck in the same conflicts over and over again? Feeling like if you could do something different or if you and your partner could just communicate better everything would be ok....

    Many couples come to me wanting "help with communication" what does that mean exactly? For each couple communication issues look differently. In our sessions we will discuss where the two of you get stuck and miscommunicate. I offer tangible tools you can take away and implement together at home.

    Communication Tools can look like:

    -Using "I" statements

    -Slowing down

    -Softening the conversation

    -Speaking with respect

    -Explain the situation instead of blame the person

    -Open-ended questions

    -And so many more

    I define communication as understanding. Understanding each other's perspective even if we don't agree. If we can understand each other and take space to really listen we can make progress toward positive change.

    If you are wanting to work on your relationship and communication strategies reach out to me today. I am excited to see how I can help.



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