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    Katheryn Barton, LPC, Couples Therapist

    I am so excited you have found us! We are pumped to offer this workshop to fellow entrepreneurs out there! Especially those who are trying to do and have it all! Love and Business all in one. Can it be done?

    It can. As long as we are intentional about it and are able to have open and difficult discussions. A challenging piece to owning a business with your person is that we can’t say “but it’s just business” because in this situation it can still be personal. Am I right?

    Our Partners in Prosperity workshop is here to open those doors of understanding so the hard and necessary conversations are not so hard.

    Our work will show you and your partner how to come from a place of exploration and understanding. With a guided process (provided by Laura) we will make these dreams come true even through differing ideas, goals, expectations and roles.

    Purchase your ticket and save your spot before it’s full!

    I can’t wait to see you there!!