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  • The Mom Group

    Take back your relationship and your life!

    The Mom Group

    This group is for you if:

          -You aren’t sure you need couples counseling

          -Your partner won’t join you in couples counseling

          -You are afraid to ask your partner to join you in couples counseling

          -Things don’t seem too bad, yet

          -You aren’t feeling seen or heard in your relationship

          -You aren’t feeling like a priority in your relationship

          -You are wanting more out of communication with your partner

          -You are unhappy in your marriage

          -Your partner doesn’t get it

          -Hard conversations are really hard

    This group is designed with you in mind! 

    Imagine coming to a safe space each week to work through communication issues at home but with a group of other women in the same boat!

    This is not a parenting group but a group with fellow moms who are in the thick of raising humans and trying to stay connected with their partner!

    Think about how good it will feel to leave each week with an action plan for how to approach your relationship and life through a different lens. A lens where you feel like yourself again. A lens where you feel supported and able to ask and talk about your needs and wants.

    We will do this through targeted discussions, tangible tools and a mindset shift toward connection.

    Let’s move your relationship out of the roommate zone and back to connected lovers!

    I am here for it and can’t wait to meet you!

    What to expect:

    Duration: 6 weeks

    Days: Sundays and Tuesdays

    Where: Sunset Hills/Kirkwood

    Goals: To improve your relationship through self-awareness and communication tools

    Cost: $75 per session/$450 for all 6 weeks

    -payment options available- reach out to discuss specifics

    Bonus: Pay in full for the 6 weeks and receive 1 complimentary individual session

    I can’t wait to meet and work with such a wonderful group of ladies!



    I can't wait to meet you!

    The Mom Group