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My Process

Ready to start working with me but still not sure what it will look like when we do.....

I got cha! This is how we get started and what it will look like to work together.

Let's work together

First session we all meet together. Next two sessions are individual sessions. After that, the rest of our sessions will all be together unless we feel it would be helpful to have other individual sessions.

Here's what to do:

Reach out via my website, email or phone. You will receive a response back to be added to the client portal and set up our first appointment.

You will be sent a list of date and time options along with access to my availability calendar where you can request times that work best. I also request that all of the intake paperwork, found in the portal, is completed in full before our fist session.

Our fist session is an information gathering session for me. I ask for the two of you to share what struggles you are currenlty experiencing and also to walk me through what conflict looks and feels like for you both.

Our next sessions will be individual sessions where I gather background information that is helpful for connecting the puzzle pieces of where the two of you are missing each other and falling into a reactionary cycle. This cycle prevents you both from having your needs met.

Once we’ve had our individual sessions the rest of our sessions will all be together. Now we will start the process of looking at how you reach for each other. Also, how you tackle conflict that then falls into a cycle. 

With this information, and being able to identify the cycle, we will be able to interrupt it, gain understanding for both partners and change what it looks like. The goal is to reach for each other from a more vulnerable and accepting place. Ultimately, we want to be able to show up for our partner and have a good grasp of where they are coming from and what they need.

I enjoy working with this process and look forward to guiding you through it as well.